Saturday, September 23, 2006

Decorating your home the natural way

Simple living is what everyone looks for and a natural living space is the first step. A natural interior gives an opportunity to the patrons to explore the greater than ever range of natural products from the raw materials to striking textural fabrics and wallpaper, and ways of integrating them into your home while maintaining comfort, efficiency and functionality. Since the natural interiors are eco-friendly, enduring, elegant and unique, they harmonize the life of the occupant. Their nurturing qualities do not only reproduce the normal home interior but also makes us physically and emotionally healthy. In spite of their elegance, one can not liberally introduce wood and stone, a plant, or water to an interior. Climatic considerations, how to choose walls, floors, furniture and lighting, concluding with a selection on room design and organization to maintain an equilibrium form the foremost conditions to determine the kind of plant, flower, or tree that can prosper in an interior.

The location and orientation of interior to exterior spaces forms other important criterion to introduce the natural elements. I am sure even you won’t like that your most beautiful plant die under deliberately provided adverse conditions, and of course a dying tree or plant will only sullen the aesthetic appeal. Natural theme going with elemental raw materials such as wood and leather can enhance the contemporary urban-ethnic look of your living room if added with a cool, relaxing mix of neutrals and earthy materials that are modern but not too avant-garde for your tastes. Alternatively, keeping things bright and airy with light diffusing cream roller or vertical blinds create natural and inviting space. When it comes to adding accessories, ethnic-style wooden bowls, cream paper lamp shades, woven raffia baskets and brushed steel picture frames to coordinate with your TV stand will evoke a style of living that is gentle, nurturing, aesthetic, eclectic, practical and balanced.
Ease the stress of a busy day with natural interiors.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How to choose multipurpose furnishings for your apartment

While maintaining the quintessentiality of your home, it is practical to select multipurpose furnishings that you could use in any room. Depending on your budget you can trawl the furniture markets to find something that you really want. Living in style without losing your mind calls for some innovation and dexterity at your end. Organization and storage are the keys to living well in small uncluttered spaces with special consideration to style. Even the manufacturers have acknowledged the furniture storage collections that meet the needs of comfort of the people. They have introduced the modular furnishings that are smaller in scale and economical. These multifunctional furnishings allow you to put your TV, stereo, DVD player and video into a sort of unit, which can easily lend a decluttered look to your cool and sassy rooms.

Some of the typical multipurpose furniture items are Ottomans with storage; Sofa-sleepers, daybeds, or trundle beds; Armoire; Nightstand used as a dresser or desk top; Dining room tables with extending table tops; Resin stackable chairs; Rolling wooden carts with cabinets etc. Quality furniture seldom is out of vogue and will blend with any synchronize beautifully when accompanied with current trend accessories. Though overblown housing and furnishing costs can place budget constraints, you can reduce look out for creative utilization of old items by integrating the cunningness essential to spruce up your present furnishings. Be courageous and come out of the unthinkable and let your creativity reflect your personal taste.

Remember the more decorating tasks you do yourself, the less expensive your projects will be. Some quick DIY tips are: Turn a trunk into a seat by adding a fancy cushion or use it as an end table, shelf or coffee table; Buy lamps, vases, side chairs, and pillows in pairs; make an inexpensive headboard for a bed using an old wrought-iron gate; make an inexpensive cover for an old lawn chair. Remember it only takes only a half-dozen good pieces to create a wonderful room.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Feng Shui Decorating

Feng Shui can make your home more favorable to welcome the flow of positive energy (chi). Clutter and mess are against the spiritual rules of feng shui interior decorating. If your home or work surrounding is all jumbled up due to disorganized-placed furniture, it is likely to happen that your finances, health and emotional well-being will be equally messy. Start off by clearing out your home or work place by getting rid of anything that is no longer useful. Adding all kinds of chi-enhancing items to your home you can encourage the positive chi.

The first rule in any feng shui home is to leave plenty of space around the main door to allow chi to flow in. as soon the door gets opened it is important to attract and trap the chi. A water fountain positioned favorably will help solve the purpose. Placement of shoes near the door, a stove and refrigerator or washing machine in the kitchen together can ward off the positive chi. There should be no discrepancy on account of the fire and water crash.

A bedroom is you haven of privacy, peace and intimacy. In a feng shui bedroom, the five elements should have equilibrium. Your bed is your paradise so your feng shui room should have wooden beds with your head board placed against a solid wall of the bedroom. The lighting level should be neither too harsh nor too dim. Any imagery conveying solitude or misery doesn’t have any place in feng shui bedroom. Still if you are fond of artwork beautiful romantic artwork, fresh well-fed and watered flowers and items in pairs are perfect for feng shui decoration of your bedroom.

Your kitchen influences your family’s health based on its design and color implementation on the walls. Pastel colored kitchen create positive energy to flow through your home. Fresh, clean, moving water; good air quality; a balance of dark and light, soft and hard surfaces all of these smoothens the flow of beneficial chi. The principles of Feng Shui emphasizes on bringing harmony between man and his surrounding. It encourages a person to make use of the objects and place them in such a way that it enhances the flow of positive energy in the environment. Decorating in such a fashion will ensure that there is a balance in energy and emotions in the environment.